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Our site is unable to sell the complete empath toolkit directly. The best technique, if you wish to check on someone, is to connect to them for a moment, and then examine the information. You are at the end of your tether, you have tried everything and you no longer see any point to trying. Works, we can use it to teach empathy. This section will cover some of the fundamentals. Situation, by studying the “facial, gestural, and vocal indices. Even complete strangers find it easy to talk to empaths about the most personal things. If your system responds better to crystals than flower essences or oils, find someone. I stepped down because i really cared but the negative energy drove me away i couldn’t help enough couldn’t say no to loving people it hurt me so i hid out of view trying to figure it out so thank you. Fuck the status quo of hating everything about this block, i enjoyed the episode.

* empaths often get overstimulated in chaotic public settings (e. Why is the complete empath toolkit essential for hypersensitive people. Picking up physical symptoms off another: an empath will almost always develop the ailments off another (colds, eye infections, body aches and pains) especially those they’re closest to, somewhat like sympathy pains. I know what i know is true and i wouldn’t be standing here if it weren’t for the fact that i’m right. Of course, clearing clutter is the first step in cleaning your space.

Lipman suggests that you set a 30-minute time period for a meeting you expect to end up taking 60 minutes because discussion doubles the minimum amount of time it takes to complete the agenda. It means we get the basics and don’t allow sensitive selves to be demolished by the massive suffering. Through this thread i found grace for my heart which addresses my confusion about narcissism in the church, especially several posts they have on “legalism,” which i already suspected was a vehicle for ns. Since we are biologically engineered to comprehend much faster than we can speak or type, our minds will often wander between the gaps. But the participants were fooled and—urged on by an. Being an empath is nothing to be ashamed of. Compassion and understanding replaces feelings of irritability and frustration.

C:mydir directory, and the debugger is looking for symbol information for a dll, the debugger first looks in. It will always find a way through love. Empaths must learn to center themselves so that when stress hits they are not knocked over. Trying to accept that i was in an emotionally abusive relationship and that he never really loved me. He knew i couldn’t force him to lift a finger to help with anything; and believe me, he didn’t. That possibility never seems desirable or even fully real to them, and the isolated, pensive tone of the book lulls readers throughout. First of all, let me assure you that not only are empaths real, but there are a growing number of people who are discovering that they are empaths themselves.

This kind of anxiety, while being picked up from others, or energies that are out there, can also be caused by the lack of trust in the process. Today we will focus on using critical path analysis to keep our delivery dates and commitments. In any case, it’s an overload of too much energy and information coming in at once. "i help empathic individuals differentiate what energy is theirs, and what is coming from other people. It’s also a useful remedy for those who are trying to get to sleep, but are over tired, or can’t seem to settle down after doing an activity that they really enjoyed, or worked on. Empaths may find themselves continually drawn to nature as a form of release. Feelings (energy) that are picked up by empaths, whether the words are spoken, thought or just felt without verbal or bodily expression. Thanks them and bless them. To hold space for another is a gift to give & a gift to receive.

With regards to our review we entirely accomplished our analysis and present our beliefs. Love, warmth and joy are tremendous healers, though be aware that the result is often that you will chase away the darkness, rather than heal it. All of these things were great additions to inclusivity that also meshed well with the story they were in. Empaths tend to put other people’s needs before their own, so when two empaths are in a relationship, they’re really well taken care of by each other. The complete empath toolkit is a package consisting of 3 e-books and audio instructions which aim to help you live a harmonious life. I have a couple of quick questions:. Self-awareness can be defined as “the ability to recognize and understand your own emotions” (cherry, 2018b). Now, so far what i did was to “sacrifice” two days or few hours every few days and be fatigued in order to get the benefits of the eggs. Hooking up with guidance from the universe.

Also, eat organic whenever you can. The higher level the empath, the more likely they are to suffer from depression and take on guilt. You found the words that i could not…. Sticking with the trait conceptualization, let’s dive a little deeper into what makes someone high in eq. And as an unskilled empath and hsp you could very well have taken in some of these energy…and already covered up in these energy, whether good or bad.

An empath is often psychic on many levels, too. I spent over a year experimenting with different lifestyle changes; i. ” a drawing of a human head at the center of the empathy map reminds us we are talking about a real, live person. You have fallen behind in some deliverables but your manager is not asking for an update. Now that you are a remote employer or employee, you need to take your networking skills to the next level. 18 eq tools and strategies to improve eq competency.   michael’s first book, “the complete empath toolkit”, was released through his website in 2009 and has become an online favorite, you can view it here. Fear is one of those emotions that is intertwined with the sense of loss. , touted the “miracles” made possible by the amniotic stem cells they used. According to the author’s e-book, these individuals exhibit the following traits:.

It’s important that the empath learn to respect other working styles and not take their need for space as an overt rejection of her, personally, or of her ideas. Artist conception of spontaneous psychokinesis from 1911 french magazine. 124 symptoms: fear of letting go of oneself.   it is also the one trait that many empaths struggle to cope with. All persons have equivalent rights—the majority prevail, the minority is heard, and the absent can expect that the rules of order and process will have been followed (robert, et al. By calling forth divine help or by attempting to control the body with the mind & spirit. When fighting breaks out in a country it is a reality on one level (human ego) it is not, however, the ultimate reality. We call it bearing witness, i term i was given by elie wiesel. We sometimes cut ourselves off from both energizing and calming sensations that can sustain us in our times. Present, in that it is used to identify and manage emotions in the moment.

Empath or not, i can’t always seem to feel or sense it. It also needs to be concise (within 25 words) and practiced. It’s not your fault – people use it that way all the time. This helped for another month until we had to further increase it to 300mg. An empath will even prefer to have a brand new car or house (if they are in the financial situation to do so) with no residual energy. Give guests listed on the agenda the courtesy to present first. Highly empathic people (heps) have an insatiable curiosity about strangers.

A piece of fruit might look appealing and large, but a sensitive person can tell there is little or no energy contained within. Since then over 20 years ago i have wanted to pass this on and do this workreply. Many of these can be adapted for use in the home as well as the classroom.  when we actively discuss these questions, kids may learn a lot about. >r goblin planeswalker who learned the secret of gunpowder from nicol bolas in a dream and wants to build a bomb big enough to blow up the spirit world. I hope, if you see yourself at all, in this list, that you’ll smile. I took advice from other empaths and decided to embark on a spiritual hiatus in order to find myself and better understand my empathic abilities. If you want to try the complete empath toolkit risk free, please click the following link. I thought a lot about the remedy beech. When you can be there for someone, listening and letting them be without involving your own emotional baggage, they will feel safe.

We are not taking about temporary healing here, we are talking about permanent. – learn coping techniques to prevent being overwhelmed by others negative energy – learn to stop absorbing energy and also to dump the energy you’ve taken on from others. Divine knowledge means seeking and knowing self. By participating in board room discussions, you can gain political advantage, thus increasing nursing’s power, and influencing society’s health and well-being across a variety of interdisciplinary settings. I put my dog on special food for her allergies. " that means acknowledging (rather than dismissing) our children's negative feelings, and engaging them in conversation about the causes and effects of emotions.

Empaths also have heightened intuitions. Learning to do what’s good for you long-term, elevating it above short-term feelings. Others may feel more of a connection to the mountains or the deserts. Stop explaining your side and stop defending yourself against things that didn’t happen. Aura cleansing and energetic protection.

I’ve come to think of holding space as a communal activity in which respite is critical for the direct caregiver. Generally, it may be just psychic pollution, which are areas of negative energy. It took me back through times when i’ve held space for others and others have held space for me. Information and emotions from other people. Sexual vibrations in my experience, sex can be physical without any emotional or energy connection, or it can be a very powerful experience where both parties connect on a very intense level, almost the point where the physical is almost transcended. The heather personality type is always in some sort of drama, and their problems are always very important, but to the listener, it’s mostly humdrum and tedious to listen to. While well-meaning for the most part, they always have an agenda whenever they do something for you.

This book, praised by the dalai lama himself, claims that it can help you understand the concept and the emotions of yourself and others better, and offers a pre- and post-test to prove it. In the “gains” box, include the goals your customers hope to accomplish. “i’ll never say that to my child,” i’d remark, hopefully. All pieces are provided in stunning full-color format. So the premise of this topic is that everything is vibrational in nature.

When i was 22 i was experimenting with mdma and cannabis one night and woke up the next morning in a completely cloudy consciousness and brain fog that has never left me. This worksheet is great for students and younger children due to the simple language and child-oriented depictions of empathy, but the gist of this worksheet can be applied for older students and adults as well. The more adept empath will know if someone is having bad thoughts about them, even from great distance.

The Complete Empath Toolkit Pdf

Don’t get me wrong; this is nothing to be ashamed of, its nature and you have incredible powers. The same method that you yourself talk of. Empathy is not just a way to extend the boundaries of your moral universe. The labyrinth is the container for so many – a defined sacred space where they can safely face emotions without walls & know that when they leave the labyrinth, they are in control once again. It’s true that empaths will feel a greater connection to such things, though it’s foolish to say that only empaths would do so.

-how to automatically bypass the ego/mind. It’s been mentioned previously, so here is a fuller explanation. Here is a useful tip for those who sense that negative energy. >we get some descriptions of the traps that the monument has, like a "death light" from a "giant eye. As an empath, you have a gift, or in. The goal of this article is to enhance leadership competencies for serving in board rooms across the healthcare delivery systems, a goal that is consistent with the theme of using nurses to transform healthcare delivery and advance health.

Giving others the benefit of the doubt that brings me to the next sign which is that the empath tends to give people benefit of the doubt. Though i did not tell her what i was doing, she said she felt something lift the moment i managed to shift it. When you right-click (or option+click) on the file’s link, you’ll be able to choose “save as,” or “save file as” from the options menu, then you can save it to your computer and open it once you’ve done that. Picking up physical symptoms off another. Making a facial expression can make us experience the associated.

They cover up our inner glow. Instead of asking in an accusatory manner, try a softer approach: “. If a friend or a loved one is telling you lies you know it (although many empaths try not to focus on this because knowing a loved one is lying can be painful & heart breaking). You might as well turn on the kitchen light for the same token. Sense the energy of food: many empaths don’t like to eat meat or poultry because they can feel the vibrations of the animal (especially if the animal suffered), even if they like the taste. We can be spontaneous and take advantage of some of the opportunities that cross our paths. Personal and professional development plans. This is why we find so many empaths in careers connected with compassion, such as healers, clergy, counselors, and caregivers. The empath picks up a lot of, what i tend to call, psychic pollution. Would like to audio tape our conversations today.

It’s the foundation every empath needs and will provide you with all the tools and information you’ll need as you begin to navigate this journey. Empaths are sensitive, caring, responsive people who have at the core of their nature an innate ability to receive energy, information and awareness from others with a depth and intensity that is beyond our customary understanding of empathy. Allow yourself to do the letting go method on a story of humiliation or feelings of being ashamed. As a defense measure, they do tend to distance themselves from others. It’s upsetting because the baby’s mood affects the mother, and it can be frustrating when someone you care about is unhappy and you can’t seem to do anything about it. 172 symptoms: protection from and unwanted influences.

B: that’s nothing, you should see the one i have on my knee. The exciting breakthroughs you’ll experience in an eft workshop. How we go from focus on doing more, to being more. Vibration and create more light. My personal recommendations for other healers to follow and learn through. Archangelic energies for healing and protection. What is your least favourite thing about being an empath. He broke it off after almost 2 years, which i am honestly thankful for despite having loved him. But when an empath uses the protection techniques i present in the book they have extra defenses against stress so empaths can be resilient and thrive.

I’m pretty sure they are beyond the control of most empaths. I saw her choice as another setback that our world didn’t need right now. This allows them to move normally in highly emotional places without feeling overwhelmed. Your feelings don’t matter.  we become open to learning. Fact i'm currently living with one of them. Finally, the chair clarifies the motion, moderates discussion, and manages the voting process. Attachment theory owes its inception to british psychologist and psychoanalyst john bowlby, who in the 1950s examined the tremendous impact that our early relationships with our parents or caregivers has on the people we become.

You don’t know what a weight has been removed from my thinking that i’m not alone thank you again god bless the truth. After all, its not me, its about them, those whom i’m holding the space for. When you hit the right answer, you will feel something ‘click’ within your mind and your feelings. , who co-led the isrib study with the discoverer of the molecule, peter walter, ph. With brain fog i always felt i had an inferior brain because my thinking or word processing is usually limited. The complete empath toolkit is not actually being offered off the internet. Understanding what’s important to your customers. This becomes more prevalent when an empath discovers his/her gifts and birthright. I’ve been able to treat and reduce the level of mm without chemo or conventional treatments.

Empaths experience empathy towards family, children, friends, close associates, complete strangers, pets, plants, and even inanimate objects. Let’s review the list of ingredients:. If everyone did this, it could change the world overnight and we would advance to a much more spiritual level, which would be both joyous and exciting. It will pass and you will feel plenty. If you feel a break is needed from someone, or this is the time to retreat, then do so, but be diplomatic about it. A bump to the head from slipping on the stairs, falling off a skateboard, or running into an open cupboard door has long been seen as a temporary injury, something resolved with a little rest.

Here is a simple space-cleansing technique to perform on your home, office, or even on a specific object:. Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning: anything that takes away their freedom is debilitating to an empath even poisoning. Monetization first store for empaths. It has to do with change, fear, and purpose. I remember “holding space” with both my parents at the time of their deaths, and in the ten years since, have beat myself up on occasion for not doing it better, for not knowing more. With this plan in place, i’m ready to confront the disease thief. Okay, so ghost actually exist. "the indigenous and native american community recognizes individuals with special empathic talents. Being arrogant beings who think they are better than nondragons has been a thing since they first appeared in magic.

I have taken care of a number of families who lost loved ones. Add on top of it, i have a touch of asperger’s. Formally trained in classical ballet, as well as a former runner, valerie has always been a believer in staying active but yoga is the perfect marriage of her work in mental health & her love of movement & anatomy. This program opened my eyes, and it guided my steps every day since i found it. The support and guidance of a qualified therapist can make a huge difference in bpd treatment and recovery. You were running late, but instead you were mindful and therefore benefited greatly. So, no, mind travel is not always safe, but it’s safer than an out of body experience, where you can be very much subjected to the realities of a stronger presence. Some people do not learn other methods and continue to be empathic, being sponge-like in soaking up energy,.   after applying the principles of the complete. Thank you so much heather for this beautiful article.

Feelings like vague fears, the sense that something isn’t quite right, that something terrible is going to happen or that something is wrong are very common. This can cause empaths to ignore their own needs. If you find that are always worrying about someone, this remedy will bring relief. They are not responsible for making sure you have a decent work/life balance. But actually it is not.  now back to loyalty and devotion. An overloaded empath is of no use.

They are going to go see other doctors. Also being aware of your own buttons, which you might also call triggers, is important. Of my work has always been, and will continue to be, helping you. You have already used all of your available downloads for this month. I then work with angels and crystals to remove the cords before sealing any energetic connection points where the cords were previously lodged. Women’s health and wellness essentials. This was coincidentally posted on facebook by a friend of mine today.

Being a victim to prove a point, or to highlight just had bad your life is, is generally unproductive. There are certainly entities that feed on panic and terror, and the empath, being able to pick up on astral bodies, and not understanding what they are sensing, may well be spooked about it. After that, i had no problem getting enough circulation and the collection process was a breeze. Someone had to pay the rent and bills, while she was hospitalized 4-6 weeks at a time, and since it was only the two of us,…. ) naturally, this is not unless you are coping with the adverse vitality of other folks. We can each conduct our own experiments. As a psychiatrist and an empath, i am fascinated by the science of empathy and how the phenomenon of empathy works. Fear, while having its uses, generally stops us from doing what we are here to do. The thing many don’t actually realize that while we put bury these events within us, shock and trauma has an accumulative and eventually toxic effect upon our body and psyche.

Attributed to emotional contagion, e. It’s not unusual for the empath to be stuck for what they really should be doing. I am a completely changed woman. The opinions within this post are completely my own and are in no way influenced by my affiliation with habit. In fact do not confuse empathy with sympathy most of.

There is little point in sugar coating things. Being an empath can be challenging. The overwhelming public response to the asian tsunami of 2004 emerged from a sense of empathic concern for the victims, whose plight was dramatically beamed into our homes on shaky video footage. >she planeswalks back to dominaria, to "argivia, the capital city of new argive". Empaths are often passionate towards nature and respect its bountiful beauty. I have changed my lifestyle for 2 years now to be as healthy as i can be and was able to break out of the fog after adding bovine collagen peptides and colloidal silver to my daily routine. The three main empath communitiesempath zone community it is the new kid on the block, but growing fast. I have used this method before with good results.

You will always have what you need to make it through, and indeed thrive.

The Complete Empath Toolkit

Is there an irresistible pull to help. At 17, i dropped out of high school, and waitressed the graveyard shift. Likes adventure, freedom and travel: empaths are free spirits. It's our capacity to recognize the concerns other people have. The thought of pricking my own finger, but got over it after the first time. Empaths may find this useful as they often find many aspects of their life dreary. Feeling you should be able to heal yourself on your own - the teacher appears when the student is ready and as healers we show up in your life right on cue.  the mother tried everything from pleading to yelling. Create a positive energy balance while uncovering the truth of empathic healing.

This article opened it all up again. In the long run, they will thank you for it. Use this powerful technology to diagnose and facilitate group and organizational dynamics to create high-functioning collaborative teams. How can i expand my own empathic potential.   this helps to prevent them taking on too much emotional baggage from others. How do you break the soul connection from a person that does not want to let go of the past or forgive.

Most of the time it is what they need, and what is needed in order for them to gain the critical experience to do and be what they desire to be. Been on a roughly followed rs diet, completely removed all dairy and gluten from diet, and been taking the following supplements: nac, vitamin c, magnesium, vitamin b12, fish oil. The author has wired his work in such a way that you can learn the practices for yourself. Maybe get their lefty fans (who don't actually pay for shit) to screech about how liliana turning into a murderer is problematic because it imposes white male stereotypes onto a woman. At least dominaria pre-re was kinda fun. All empaths need time alone. In the past, i actively practiced being centered and calm. Dr mario martinez, creator of the audio program,.

The prayer works wonders for me. You’ve got a lot going for you, so don’t give it up just because you can’t achieve it all yesterday. That occurs to everyone however empaths are often more aware and therefore 'look out' for it. The very term implies separation. The empath experiences guilt on a more intense level because their natural state is to want others to be happy, and when something goes wrong, they feel they should have somehow foreseen this and prevented it. Answer: it is hard to "cut-off" a conversation, especially if this person took time and effort to travel to your location and the goal of the meeting had not been completed. I was guided to add empath protection packs℠ specifically for empaths and highly sensitive persons.

  being an empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it’s not just limited to emotions. The only thing i would do would be worrying about different small details and try to play with some random ideas for my research. She was hard work for those first few years, and i was stuck there, with no foreseeable opportunity to make an exit in sight. Female energy and why it's important for empaths. Most teen’s awareness isn’t that high. Only time and further research will tell.

Hold the intention in mind, and enjoy the journey. Do you relate to a. Thank you for putting into words what these wonderful people do. It’s fair to say that while many depressed people are the target of such entities, they also target what you would term ‘lightworkers. Also, compared with participants trained in. The complete empath toolkit … let’s get started. Surrounding this gorgeous, loving orb are clouds and stormy weather (the many forms of negativity). Meanwhile, jay throws decadent parties and surrounds himself with socialites, but he clearly finds the events taxing and only wants to be alone with his beloved, daisy.

Anxiety attached itself to various experiences over the years. Fear is often in the upper part of the belly (the stomach). Another is to get out and meet people from different backgrounds, and learn about what life is like in far away places. Neurosciences that have very recently begun to contribute to the study. Empathy, while in the negative, can be considered a curse and there are many an empath who wish this ‘gift’ would be taken away from them. Intuition will tell you when your energy has increased or decreased around someone. Your articulation of what means to hold space is beautifully and exceptionally well written. Are you familiar with the concept of compassion fatigue.

Even head injuries that don't show up on a ct scan or mri – and many do not – can increase the risk for future neurological problems.  because it gets more profound the deeper you go. Those with high eq generally have higher-than-average social skills and are able to effectively pursue their. Costly, antihistamine drops were my only relief. Stay calm and focused even in upsetting situations. Empaths are usually lonely wolves, not exactly by choice, but to avoid the emotional overload. So the external signals get "absorbed" and changed by the person's fields. – have the group leader ask these members to come to meetings regularly. Intense feelings of loss consumed our home for several days.

I am extremely empathic and lived in israel for seven years. Over sensitivity the next sign of being an empath is that you feel oversensitive to if people want you around them or not. "in toxic situations, intense emotional energy can deeply affect an empath. Efficient and effective meetings are planned with the meeting outcomes in mind. Yes, as surprising as it sounds, there is someone else who bears the weight of your lows much more than you do. That’s what networking really it. Dawson, charles and carol discuss the research using eeg, mri and gene chips to measure the changes that happen in the bodies of meditators. They start feeling and acting in ways that they do not wish to, such as bitching about someone behind their back or have feelings of resentment. Perhaps that’s why many writers, who, almost by definition, spend a lot of time alone with their thoughts, have captured the essence of introversion so vividly. Not your genes that define you so much as your tribe.

It is a journey that takes us from ireland to bulgaria and turkey with remarkable events during the communists era to many miraculous happenings in his lifetime and challenging business experiences, which changed his life. I also am very aware that others are holding space for me. There is also the fear of failure, or worse (for some) the fear of success, a that can often lead to what we perceive to be responsibility which we may not be ready to take on. Empath or not, most of us seek answers, at one time or another, from an outside source. In the afternoon – clears it up and does only good. Simple flushing techniques-have a bath -put your wrists under water -walk barefoot -hug a tree -hold a salt lamp.

Purpose: give an overview of the soft skills required to increase reliability, dependability and premium customer service. I suspect that my liver function wasn’t good and i wasn’t able excrete estrogen properly. Remember why you were asked to serve on the board. I also provide a list of them, but cant go further as i havent been around them yet. White chestnut symptoms: unwanted thoughts and mental arguments.  i like to imagine after all she’s been through martha has become compassionate. Maria ward says: honestly, we haven’t seen any the complete empath toolkit with such features available at such a low price. Immediately, i got very quiet. Quotient (eq), defines empathy as including a cognitive. Michael smith’s “the complete empath toolkit” all about.

We had our final intimate encounter that day, and i could tell, his mind was elsewhere…. Some adjectives that describe you are…. Others will want to offload their problems on you, even strangers: an empath can become a dumping ground for everyone else’s issues and problems, which, if they’re not careful can end up as their own. Centers around a glittering, pulse-pounding party, jay and the narrator, nick, aren’t exactly party animals. To help us support our breath she would tell us to visualize a spinning ball in space a few inches in front of our open mouths.

If you've been sitting on the sidelines, now is the time to kick it up a notch. I contemplate the whole pet allergy pandemic happening right now. Pick an accountability partner with similar goals (check with the people taking this same course), set a regular meeting dates, and review your progress on these times. His book, the complete empath toolkit, was released through his website in january, 2009 and has sold at a brisk pace. These new notations are based on a property graph approach to modeling data.

They fully experience both joyful love and poignant loss as they encounter the connections and disconnections of their unfolding life. Maybe people don’t want to give up their dramas because they feel life will be boring, and if things stop happening to them, then what will they use to justify to others that their life is hard and unpleasant. An empath has a tendency to always give others the benefit of the doubt. Thank you, kim…for giving me a place to share this with other empaths, that i know will understand. Though i am really skinny yet fit, i noticed i practically have a beer belly going on, and i don’t even drink alcohol. We conclude by noting that knowledge of these rules and standards is essential for nurses to assume leadership roles that will enhance the health of today’s and tomorrows’ societies. * empaths are deeply in touch with emotions and tend to cry easily, often for no.

I’ll also add both myrrh essential oil and tears of myrrh resin. By their very nature, all people are empathic to some degree. Practice or concept: most of us are caught up in the “what-is-ness”. How timely for my family. In our review you will get the response to the speculate “is the complete empath toolkit a scam. Say good morning to the person next to you on the elevator(/bus/subway/street).

Once you get in the flow, you will trust your intuition more and be receptive to the signs and signals of divine guidance. Influenced by a variety of interfering factors.  and this fear is running the show. They trivialize the importance of emotions in general and elevate the importance of “cool, calm logic. I was squinting and found myself losing interest the longer i searched. Before i know it, i’m consumed. Bpd is often confused or overlaps with other conditions, so you need a mental health professional to evaluate you and make an accurate diagnosis. One of them hurt me badly, i couldn’t believe it; still can’t.  if you’re upset about the sex and guns comment consider this. But my heart still wanted him.

 however, empaths often find it challenging to cope with their extreme sensitivity to the environment around them, which in many cases keeps them from living their purpose.

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The Complete Empath Toolkit Pdf
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